Ducttech manufactures ducting to customer requirements and ensure the best workmanship with every piece provided to our valued clients. We offer a wide range of services for Ducting; Manufacturing, installation or supply only.

Our expertise in manufacturing ducting has been a valued add-on to especially our bigger clients in factories, warehouses, shopping malls and office blocks, as both the ducting as well as the air conditioning comes from one supplier, ensuring everything is tailor made and fits as it should.

Ducttech also supplies and installs ducting and all accessories that may be needed, i.e. Sound Attenuators, Canopies, Welding Canopies, Return Air Grills, Weather Louvres, Transition Pieces, Nuts and bolts, Acoustic Putty, Flexible ducting, Insulated Ducting, Axial Fans etc.

Our after sales service on the ducting (when needed) includes a Service Agreement. Health and Safety Regulations require ducting to be cleaned thoroughly every three months to remove, e.g. dust build up. When doing this we remove the extraction fans from the ducting, clean and reinstall them properly and professionally.

We are able to work from architectural drawings or engineered layouts and cover all industries, from smaller residential ducting to commercial applications.

Give us a call. We will gladly quote on all your ducting requirements.